<![CDATA[Pool Contractor in Claremont CA, Rancho Cucamonga CA | Golden Leaf Construction - Blog: Swimming Pool Talk]]>Sat, 30 Sep 2023 20:36:29 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Cost of a swimming pool]]>Thu, 11 Feb 2016 22:29:20 GMThttp://goldenleafconstruction.com/blog-swimming-pool-talk/cost-of-a-swimming-poolA common question we get in the pool industry is, what is the cost of a pool? 

Frankly its actually a difficult question to answer with precision. Getting a swimming pool is a bit like purchasing a car. There are dozens of different cars on the market today with numerous options available. Similar to a pool, there are dozens of options and combinations you can have when getting a swimming pool. 

Just like a car, a pool typically has a standard base price. Someone might want a standard pool simply to cool down in the summer, someone else might want a tropical pool with rock slide and wet bar for large family gatherings. Do you want plaster or pebble? Raised bond beams with natural stone veneer or a pool all one level? Standard tile or glass tile? These are just a few examples of options available.

Depth of a pool also alters the cost. A standard pool depth ranges from 4'-8', anything deeper would be a custom option. (TIP: 8' is more then enough depth in our opinion for any type of standard activity.) Refering back to the car purchase example, when you spec your car with all the best options with leather, heated seats, navigation, etc the price tends to go up. But you get what you pay for, you'll have a car with all the bells and whistles. Same with a swimming pool, you might option to get a vanishing edge, glass tile, remote controlled pool system, colored lights, etc. There are many options to make your pool as custom as possible and like the car concept, you get what you pay for.

Ultimately, the cost comes down to what are your goals for your swimming pool? Depending on the goals for it will determine what options you might want for it. Below are some examples of pools with cost estimates.

$70,000 & Up
<![CDATA[Pavers ¬†or ¬†concrete?]]>Mon, 07 Dec 2015 23:59:27 GMThttp://goldenleafconstruction.com/blog-swimming-pool-talk/pavers-or-concreteA question many of our clients ask us often is do they want concrete or pavers for their pool deck? We won't say one is better than the other, but we do have our opinions and professional recommendations. Over the years of being in the industry, we have gathered our own results on which are "better" based off our experience in construction. 

Starting with the pros & cons of one another that are listed below.

​                                          Concrete               
         -Cost efficient compared to pavers
         -Various color selection 
         -Various finishes (Ex. stamped, colored, sandblasted, saw cut, brushed, etc.)
         -Faster application in most cases from start to finish

          -Notorious for cracking
          -Technically "un-repairable" to match again the existing concrete
          -Along with possibilities of it cracking, its unpredictable from the day its poured and on


          -Various selection in color, shapes, and finishes
          -No cracks*
          -Easily repairable
          -Less discoloration
          -Can be great contrast to an existing deck

          -Can shift over time
          -Joint sand may need refill after a few years
          -Color variation from pallet to pallet depending which paver selected

Typically we recommend pavers. The pros listed above outweigh the rest in our opinions. You are less likely to run into problems in the future. Simply the easiness of repairing with pavers is a big one while not having to worry about them cracking. There is a large variety of paver selection available, take a look at our hardscape gallery to see the decks we've built throughout Orange County and the surrounding areas.

​Another option we often do is hybrid! Pavers and concrete can look great and often compliment one another to break up too much of one material. It is all about balance and we like to keep it at a balanced level our customers are happy with while staying consistent with the design.

​As you can see one could go either way, there is not a right or wrong deck. We tell our customers it comes down to; What is your goal with your backyard? What is your budget? Do the cons of one another weigh out the other? It also has to do with preference. Some may or may not like the look of a stamped concrete or of a paver stone, some may love them. 

​                                                              Email us if you have any further questions!

<![CDATA[why get a pool?]]>Wed, 25 Nov 2015 23:33:40 GMThttp://goldenleafconstruction.com/blog-swimming-pool-talk/why-get-a-poolHaving a swimming pool in your backyard has so many benefits, from the memories you can make with friends and family, to the health benefits it can provide. Often times one might find themselves thinking of ways to get their family together and spend quality time together. Pool partys are awesome options for that matter. No matter what age, a pool or spa is defenitely something one can enjoy. When building a pool, you have so many options available to customize it to ones liking. Baja steps for lounging, rock slides for the kids, many different feautures that one can get to customize there pool. 

Swimming is a very good form of exercise. You could burn between 450-750 calories for every hour you swim! If you are looking for a way to stay fit from the comfort of your own home, a lap pool may be a great option for you. 

Benefits of having a swimming pool can go on. Kids and adults can enjoy and relax in them. Wether its a pool party in the summer or inviting some friends and family over for night swimming, who wouldnt want that in the comfort of there own home. Our clients we build custom swimming pools for in Orange County agree with the comfort of having a pool in their house is an enjoyable experience!]]>
<![CDATA[Why the winter is a great time to build a pool]]>Sat, 14 Nov 2015 02:42:26 GMThttp://goldenleafconstruction.com/blog-swimming-pool-talk/why-the-fallwinter-is-a-great-time-to-build-a-poolAs a pool contractor you typically notice a change in business during the winter. Homeowners seem to put home projects on pause during this time of year and wait for summer when its scorching hot to build that swimming pool they've always dreamed about. 

Typically a homeowners logic is wait until summer to build a pool but what a lot of the time they do not realize is once they sign a contract with a contractor in mid-July, they are going to spend the rest of their summer waiting for it to be finished. By the time they can take a dip in the pool, it's already fall season. Building a pool in say the winter is ideal because you handle the construction during that season, and have everything prepared for summer. We've had times where clients really want to get their pool done during the summer and ask "how long will it take?" and seem to think twice about building now because of the time of year it will be done. They then will wait another 6 months or more and get it done in the winter realizing it was a great fit because now their dream pool and backyard is ready for next summer's pool parties. So if building a swimming pool and having your backyard turn into a resort is something you plan to do, plan it out the winter before so that its ready for summer fun!]]>